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For many years, employers have been struggling with ensuring that all required labor laws are displayed in their workplace. With the vast abundance of labor laws, riddled as they are with various nuances, it’s easy to get confused and suddenly find yourself subject to multiple fines due to noncompliance. With this tangled situation in mind, Compliance Solutions was founded in 2014 to offer a reliable and affordable solution that we call Labor Combo posters. This answer provides small, medium, and large businesses across the state of Texas with a way to easily order all required federal and State labor laws in a single, compact labor law poster.

In Compliance Solutions, customer service is the glue that holds everything together. Customer care is a critical element in helping our clients effectively manage complex regulatory and safety tasks. Through our various critical support functions, we help our customers be safe, compliant and most of all, successful. Through regulatory advice, technical support, administrative assistance and account management, we offer a variety of job opportunities to bring your career to the next level.

Organizations of all sizes and the people who work for them trust and can count on Compliance Solutions to provide the tools and expert information they need to create safe, productive and compliant workplaces.

Have you checked your fire extinguishers?
Make sure they are all mounted and properly identified with their Indicating arrows.

The Department Of labor/OSHA requires businesses in all industries to post up-to-date Labor laws and other mandatory postings. We have our top selling ALL IN ONE posters to get your business Compliant! Visit our website or contact us for inquires.

For Subscription:

YOU ENROLL and we send a complete, up-to-date federal, state and local poster set, right away.

WE MONITOR and ship you a replacement poster every time a mandatory federal, state or
local change occurs, at no additional cost.

WE GUARANTEE our posters are 100% compliant
with all federal, state and local regulations — or we pay
the fine, no matter how big.


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