Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need this in my business?

The Department of Labor & OSHA requires all labor laws, applicable to your business, to be posted in a conspicuous available space for all employees to see. Employers usually post everything in the break room.

Do I have to change this every year?

You are only required to update your poster whenever there are revisions to any of the federal laws or the laws of your state. Compliance Solutions will notify you of any updates automatically via email, just make sure you add us to your mailing list!

Can I get this for free?

You can visit the Department of Labor’s official website and download all Federal and state laws at no cost from different agencies, but be advised that each law is about 2-3 pages, therefore you need a designated wall just for compliance postings; that is why most businesses would rather have a All in One Labor Law poster. Our labor law posters are 3-in-1 all up to date for the current year. Not only will you be saving space and time, but you can also add it as business expense to turn it into a deductible.

Are you affiliated with the government?

We are in no way affiliated with any government agencies, city or state officials. The Dpt. Of Labor or OSHA would handle any inspections due to complaints from employees/customers, injuries or accidents in the place of business. As a company, our mission is to keep your business compliant, share all the right and accurate information and keep the employer hassle free from the everlasting changes in the labor laws.

Who needs federal and state labor law posters?

Anyone running a business with at least one employee unless the employees are all immediate family members. Everyone else is covered by various laws and regulations requiring the posting of labor law posters at the state and federal level.

May I put the required posters in a binder, if that binder is available to all employees?

No. Generally, federal workplace posters required by the Department of Labor must be displayed or posted in a conspicuous place where they are easily visible to all employees. There is an exception to this: The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) poster may be provided by other methods as long as the full text of the notice is provided. Other methods may include distributing to employees by direct handling, mailing, or via email.

Can I be fined if I don't have a poster?

Failure to post required state and federal employment law notices can result in fines up to $33,486.

Can I use the "six-in-one" or other large combination poster rather than separate posters? Can I get a "six-in-one" poster from the Department of Labor?

The Department does not supply such posters since different employers have different notice requirements.